The Rosa Parks Mini-Workbook for Special Education Students

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

   Just in time for Black History Month, I created this easy-to-read history workbook for students with special needs. This workbook includes short passages that help to tell the heroic story of Rosa Parks. I came up with the idea of creating special education workbooks because I figured that regular history textbooks can be intimidating for students with special needs such as ADHD and delayed fluency/reading comprehension skills.
     I want all of my students, including those with special needs to be able to comprehend a simple history of past leaders and events. This workbook is perfect to differentiate a lesson that is tied to African American heroes and the Civil Rights Movement. This workbook has been used with both special education high school seniors and 7th graders. Both classes enjoyed this book because it's not only a quick overview of an African American hero but interactive as well.

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