My Book "Betty the Brave"

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

    I wrote Betty the Brave while reminiscing about the stories my grandmother, or "Gamma" as I call her, used to tell me about her childhood in Shreveport, Louisana. Surviving Jim Crow, segregation, and multiple siblings under one roof, proved my Gamma was incredibly strong.

    She always looks back on her childhood with such joy and is still so proud of all the accomplishments she was able to make such as being one of the first in her family to graduate from high school. She also later went to beauty school, learned about business, and helped to operate small businesses in her youth with my late grandfather.

  My Gamma's story is the story of many little Black girls in America. She may have faced adversity but she was strong, fearless, and unapologetically proud of her Southern roots.

  Betty the Brave explores the nuances of being a young girl in Southern Louisiana in the 1930s. Her realities are what we only discover in history books today. The theme of this book is to teach young girls about having the courage to love themselves, love others, and to face the world with the heroism that's already thriving within them.

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