New and Improved Book Series Coming Soon!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

  I started writing this series sometime earlier this year and was stuck on how I should improve. With inspiration from my family and boyfriend, I decided to work on getting new cover illustrations to replace the simplistic images that I have now. I also tweaked and extended two of my stories. Hopefully, I'll be totally done with all three books and have them up and running in the next couple of weeks. My book, "This Is My Hair and I Love It", has been extended so the original version has been taken down permanently.

  I can't wait to show off the new and improved Melanin Kidz series this summer. I definitely should be done in time for my appearance at the Lemeirt Park Book Fair this coming August. There are so many more ideas I have including writing a short workbook series just for boys. I'm passionate about getting more Black boys and girl reading. Ever since I read about the fact that 75% of African American boys in California can't read at grade level, I knew that I could at least do my part by writing literature that features a Black child and appeals to them.

  Black literature for children is certainly not rare but we need more of our stories circulating in libraries and even schools. In third grade, I fell in love with books after the reading the story of Addy from the American Girl series. I identified and empathized with that character which made me want to eventually devour the entire series. Black children need more books that highlight their unique experiences and desires.

Black children matter and so does Black literature!

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