Summer Relaxation Tips for the Special Education Teacher

Thursday, June 22, 2017

  It's been almost a week since summer break started and I still feel a little guilty about waking up when I want to and just not doing anything at all. My main summer projects were to move out of my small apartment in L.A. to Pasadena, promote my MelaninKidz brand children's books, blog, and to post more beauty videos on Youtube. So far, I've been doing all those things effectively but I still have a lot of free time and I just haven't gotten used to it yet. As a SPED teacher, my days can be filled with anything from total chaos to calm at any given moment. However, as I sit on my couch and watch mindless T.V., I have to remember to not feel guilty about taking time to just do nothing so I can refocus for the upcoming school year. So here are some ways to help fellow SPED and Gen Ed teachers alike to remember to relax this Summer '17 because we really, REALLY deserve it.

1. Exercise.
2. Take on that hobby that you wouldn't usually have time for.
3. Take a walk.
4. Learn how to cook a new meal you've never tried before.
5. Eat your favorite foods (even the bad ones).
6. Nap and nap often.
7. Go to a free or cheap music/art event.
8. Clean (and I mean really clean out those cabinets and closet since you have all the time in the world).
9. Make a rough outline of what your lesson planning will look like next year if you just can't get your mind in summer mode.
10. Take up a side hustle like PostMates or Lyft to make some extra money.
11. Blog or Vlog your heart out.
12. Re-connect with friends and family.
13. Stay up late (this one was hard for me).
14. Retail therapy.
15. Redecorate your space.
16. Go on a short excursion to a local museum or the nearest resort town that has inexpensive hotel prices.
17. Get a massage/facial.
18. Volunteer somewhere (pets, the elderly, a cause).

And nothing. You are not obligated to do anything at all for the next two months. It's okay to just "be" and not have to worry about IEP deadlines and sending your lesson plan to your principal by 7:30 AM Monday morning. You had an awesome year so now have an amazing break.

Happy Summer!

If you're looking for the perfect summer read for a girl near and dear to you or a student, check out my two titles "My Hair Is Beautiful And So Am I" and "This Is My Hair And I Love It". Both books are geared toward teaching girls of color to love their natural hair and to become self-confident young women. 

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