Little Lewis is Here!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

 The fourth installment for my "Melanin Kidz" series is here and I am so excited! Due to demand for a book for boys from some of my readers' parents, I decided to write a short children's story with both boys and girls in mind.

  This book is based on my late grandfather's childhood in Arkansas during the Depression-era 1930s. My grandfather grew up in a rural town called Earle where he was introduced to farm . His mother and father were both sharecroppers of which was a common occupation at the time for African Americans after slavery.

    My grandfather believed in hard work and persistence during his youth and was able to eventually graduate from college. He always made sure we knew it was not easy for him but he was determined to finish school despite his many obstacles. I remember him constantly retelling the story of how Black children had to use obsolete books in the segregated schools. Statistically, he was supposed to become a sharecropper himself but rose above adversity to attend college in Michigan and a seminary to become a minister. He eventually landed an administrative position at the United States Postal Service and became the  pastor of a Los Angeles church. My late grandfather adored children and was beyond proud that my younger brother and I went on to attend and later graduate college.

  This book is dedicated to his memory and my appreciation of the history that he taught me through his many stories. I hope to use this book to help encourage children to remember and admire the accomplishments of all African Americans both past and present. I hope to follow this book with more adventures and misadventures of Little Lewis. I hope you and your children love reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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