Barack Obama: The Adapted History Workbook (SPED Friendly)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

                                     Social Studies Adapted Book for Special Education

 I love history and since I can't always dive deep into as many historical topics as I would like to since I'm an English/ELD teacher, I love using my three history-related workbooks for my classroom. I wrote the Barack Obama workbook to help my students learn about American history in an interesting way. Each page has a short blurb of the history of the president as well as related discussion questions. My SPED kids loved this lesson and enjoyed reading about former President Brack Obama. You can always add to this lesson by including more visuals and videos that relate to the history of America's first African American president. I would use this lesson all year long, during President's day, or Black History Month.

I tried to use a large enough font that made it easy to read and I tried not to make the passages too wordy. 

Here is an example of my students' work (the copier is kind of broken so that's why they're smeared)
They also just loved that I authored something that they were working on. My kids wanted to know if I was famous writer.
I hope your class also enjoys this activity. I have it available in my TPT store. 
I also have Martin Luther King Jr. as well as Rosa Parks. 

Social Studies Adapted Book for Special Education

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