3 Easy Ways to Use Rewards to Encourage Positive Behaviors in the Classroom

Sunday, January 21, 2018
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   Rewarding students is almost important as actually teaching. And if anyone must be reminded of how great they are, it's our SPED kids. Our kids work hard both inside and outside the classroom and deserve an occasional token of appreciation. This lets the student know that you acknowledge them and value their effort. My kids aren't perfect (what kids are?) but I want to make sure that they know that I do notice how much effort they've put into their work. I just had a student drastically improve her reading fluency in one semester. I had to make sure I acknowledged that both verbally and with a tangible. Rewards also help to encourage positive behaviors in your classroom. Here are 3 easy ways to include reward into your behavior management plan in your classroom.

1.) Raffle Tickets - I like to give raffle tickets out when I see a student doing something positive, when they've answered a question correctly, or have overall good behavior. I hold a raffle every Friday without fail. You must be consistent. I choose three winners and they usually win something that they want such as a bag of chips or candy.

2.) Working Toward A Pizza Party - You can create a chart that tracks behavior points for the class. When they've met a certain amount they may be eligible for a classroom party. This is a great way to get students motivated.

3.) Free Time Pass - I happen to have several computers in my room and they all have access to Cool Math Games which is a website almost every student at my school is addicted to. Most of the games have nothing to do with math but I digress. You can allow a student to earn a simple free time pass if they've completed a certain amount of work. They can use this pass on a Friday after a quiz or a Monday morning. This will definitely give them an incentive to be productive. Be aware of "rushers" who will sloppily complete assignments so that they can earn a free time pass. Make sure that their work meets your criteria. They may earn up to three passes but they cannot use them all at once and can only use them at your discretion.

Happy Teaching!

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